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Alfa Travel Driver of the Year Awards 2022

Regular guests will know how invaluable a knowledgeable and helpful driver is and how it makes all the difference on a coach holiday. What’s more, a coach driver with real character and personality puts the WOW factor into a holiday or short break.


With drivers having such a key role to play in the delivery of outstanding service to our guests, it is only right that your feedback provides significant contribution to judging our Driver of the Year award. In addition to this, a range of other driver related skills are taken into account, ensuring the award recognises the drivers who perform to the pinnacle of their profession throughout the season.

This long running award always generates a lot of excitement and competitive spirit amongst our driver team.

Driver of the Year 1st Place:
Tour Driver, Midlands Regional Team

Rob has been with us for five and a half years. He has previously toured into Great Yarmouth and Cromer from our North West area, but last year switched interchanges to Tamworth and now mostly takes tours to the Hydro, Llandudno and George IV, Criccieth. He achieved the highest score of all our drivers for his smooth driving this year. 

Driver of the Year 2nd Place:
Tour Driver, South Regional Team

Lee was the rising star winner last year, his first season. Lee works out of our South Region and mainly travels to the New Beach, Great Yarmouth and Hotel De Paris, Cromer. 

Driver of the Year 3rd Place:
Tour Driver & Trustee Director, North West Regional Team

Derek was the joint winner of last year’s competition and is always in the running. He works out of the North West area and the majority of his tours go to the Hydro, Llandudno. He has currently been with us for 5 ½ years and is also one of our elected Trustee Directors.

Rising Star:
Tour Driver, North West Regional Team

The Rising Star Award is awarded to a driver in his first season that has been placed highest of all new drivers that year. Calum joined us in August 2022 and works out of the North West area. This year the majority of his tours are to the New Beach, Great Yarmouth. 

Thank you to all of our customers who wrote in with tales of how your driver went above and beyond to make your holiday a memorable one.

This feedback plays a big part on determining our Driver of the Year awards, so keep the letters coming and next year you might see your favourite driver coming out on top!