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Our Fleet

To satisfy the many requests we receive for details of our vehicle fleet, here is a full list of the vehicles which we own and operate. Please note that there are also many other vehicles in our livery operated by other companies on our behalf.

PN08 KXOVolvo B12B125321Plax Paragon0812MT766349 WC AC04-Mar-08
PN09 HMHVolvo B12B132633Plax Paragon0912TMT816949 WC AC18-Mar-09
PN09 HMJVolvo B12B132632Plax Paragon0912TMT816849 WC AC18-Mar-09
YN10 EOFVolvo B12B137835Plax Paragon0912TMT850049 WC AC02-Mar-10
YN10 EOGVolvo B12B137836Plax Paragon0912TMT850149 WC AC02-Mar-10
YN10 EOKVolvo B12B137766Plax Paragon0912TMT850249 WC AC02-Mar-10
BN11 UFKMercedes Benz000144TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC21-Apr-11
BN11 UFLMercedes Benz000145TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC21-Apr-11
BN11 UFMMercedes Benz000146TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC21-Apr-11
BN11 UFJMercedes Benz000143TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC28-Apr-11
BN11 UFPMercedes Benz000147TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC28-Apr-11
BN12 CLUMercedes Benz000202TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC15-Mar-12
BN12 CLVMercedes Benz000203TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC15-Mar-12
BN12 CLXMercedes Benz000204TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC15-Mar-12
BN12 CLYMercedes Benz000205TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC15-Mar-12
BN12 CLZMercedes Benz000206TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC15-Mar-12
BU13 ZTOMercedes Benz000226TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-13
BU13 ZTPMercedes Benz000227TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-13
BU13 ZTRMercedes Benz000228TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-13
BU13 ZTSMercedes Benz000229TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-13
BU13 ZTTMercedes Benz000230TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-13
BU13 ZTVMercedes Benz000231TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-13
BU13 ZTWMercedes Benz000232TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-13
BU13 ZTXMercedes Benz000233TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-13
BU13 ZTYMercedes Benz000234TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-13
BU13 ZTZMercedes Benz000235TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-13
BX14 LCJMercedes Benz000273TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-14
BX14 LCKMercedes Benz000274TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-14
BX14 LCLMercedes Benz000275TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-14
BX14 LCMMercedes Benz000276TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-14
BX14 LCNMercedes Benz000277TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-14
BX14 LCOMercedes Benz000278TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-14
BX14 LCPMercedes Benz000279TourismoWEB6320362349 WC AC01-Mar-14
BX14 OMMMercedes Benz000313Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC02-Jun-14
BX14 OMOMercedes Benz000314Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC02-Jun-14
BX15 OEAMercedes Benz000356Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-15
BX15 OEBMercedes Benz000357Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-15
BX15 OECMercedes Benz000358Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-15
BX15 OEDMercedes Benz000359Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-15
BX15 OEEMercedes Benz000360Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-15
BU16 HBBMercedes Benz000612Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-16
BU16 HBCMercedes Benz000613Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-16
BU16 HBDMercedes Benz000614Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-16
BU16 HBEMercedes Benz000615Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-16
BU16 HBFMercedes Benz000616Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-16
BU16 HBGMercedes Benz000617Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-16
BU17 JCOMercedes Benz000868Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-17
BU17 JCUMercedes Benz000869Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-17
BU17 JCVMercedes Benz000870Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-17
BU17 JCXMercedes Benz000871Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-17
BU17 JCYMercedes Benz000872Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-17
BU17 JCZMercedes Benz000873Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-17
BU17 JDFMercedes Benz000874Tourismo Euro 6WEB6324152349 WC AC01-Mar-17

AC: Air Conditioning
WC: Toilet Washroom

Enthusiasts seeking further fleet information should send an e-mail