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Channel Islands

Situated just off the coast of France, the Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Sark, Herm and Alderney are clustered together and are more commonly referred to as the Channel Islands. The exquisite blend of picturesque scenery and rich cultural heritage make the Channel Islands a desirable destination among holidaymakers.

We visit Jersey, one of the most popular Channel Islands which perfectly encapsulate the mixture of British and French influences, creating a culturally diverse Island. The stunning landscapes and rugged natural beauty teamed with miles of white sandy beaches gives this colourful Island bags of charm.

The Channel Islands are possessions of the British Crown with independent administrations. Although they are not part of the United Kingdom or European Union, their inhabitants are British Citizens. During World War II, the Channel Islands were the only British soil to be occupied by the Nazis. There are numerous museums, old war tunnels and bunkers which provide an interesting insight into the islanders’ fortitude.

The total population is around 160,000 with the majority made up of native islanders of Norman French and British extraction. The Channel Islands are a truly unique place to visit with a blend of British and French influences. English is the main language spoken on the Islands and although place names may look French, local pronunciation is very different.


Towns and Cities
St. Helier, Jersey
The cosmopolitan streets of St. Helier, Jersey’s capital, are lined with chestnut trees, bars, pavement cafes and, of course, tax free shops.


Pick of the Attractions

Jersey War Tunnels Tel: 01534 860808
The War Tunnels are one of the Island’s most popular tourist attractions; they detail the true story of the Occupation of Jersey during World War II.


Elizabeth Castle Tel: 01534 723971
Built on a rock islet in St Aubin’s Bay, Elizabeth Castle is the perfect place to spend a day exploring Jersey’s history. The castle has defended the Island of Jersey for more than 300 years and is accessible by foot at low tide or via the castle ferries.


Corbiere Lighthouse (La Corbiere)
This was the first lighthouse in the British Isles to be built of reinforced concrete, with its light being visible for 18miles in clear weather. The lighthouse was first lit in 1874 and is a popular point for both locals and tourists due to the spectacular views and sunsets.


Mont Orgueil Castle Tel: 01534 853 292
Mont Orgueil Castle has protected Jersey against French invasion for 600 years. History comes to life at the castle with visitors exploring the network of staircases, towers and rooms to discover hidden treasures.


Reg’s Garden Tel: 01534 743756
Reg’s Garden is the perfect place to relax and pass away a few hours whilst enjoying the carefully landscaped areas and birds in the large aviary. The garden contains many thousands of plants, all carefully selected for their scent, appearance and attractions to wildlife. Other great attractions include the Barbie collection, fairy garden and the wildlife garden which features a 40 metre long Squirrel walk rope overhead with a seating area underneath.